She is RAIN

She is RAIN

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

who's my idol.?

Hello and hype everyone, today's my topic to share with all of us is who is my lovely idol in my life. Every each of us has their own idol that being emulated by us so we can act or be like them. maybe some of you really excited with someone and you hope you will be like them, wish to had life like them, maybe one of you adore with our local artist such as Siti Nurhaliza, Faizal Tahir, Ning Baizura, and much more or maybe some of us more like with oversea artist like Hayley Willams, Edward Cullen and others. When we talk about idol, must be we always thought that they was really perfect person that we know, wish that we can be like them, own everything that they had in day life. Same as me, my biggest idol that I really adore and take her as my model is my lovely mother, Rohana binti Mohd Noor.
Must be some of you didn't aspect this, or maybe you all though that I want to be a housewife or whatever, but it’s not wrong right? Everyone in this world have mother, so do I. I really adore her because she has her own strength that no one has it, she really independent women even though she had a very kind husband and family. Let me tell you why must a women like her, become my role model. As I knew, she came from ordinary family and didn't own anything like other high standard child who gets what they wanted to have. She only have certificate in high school although she have opportunity to further her studies but in term of economy of her family, she doesn't have chance to continue it. She started to get her own money by finding a job nearest her hometown.
I know it hard for her but she doesn't have a choice, so she just working and get her own salary, but that doesn't stop her, by using her own money she taking a sewing classes in free time. Thanks God she get her certificate in sewing classes and become a good tailor and designer in her day life, even though it was hard to started her own business, she will try everything that she can to get what she wanted in her life, and that I really like about her. She never gave up so easily. She always tell me, there always have ways to solve our problems which is keep trying to do it until we get it, be strong even though inside we very weak but don't give up cause there always have a ways in front of us. I wish I could be like her and she will always proud at me. I wanted to become designer like her but in different ways and character. Hope she will stand here and look at what I’m achieve right now. Thank you for listening.