She is RAIN

She is RAIN

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hye..! it's me ^-^

Hye! I'm RAinSuhati..juz cal me Ain.
im kinda freak somtms i guess so..huhu..=P .
Erm i really talkative person coz i speak 2 much..bout not a fact thing but bout silly thing..Hurm..
i miss my Old life style..All my buddies..
should not stop schooling coz it make me feel younger!..hehehee..!
Im so simple..dnt like rumors but love to listen bout it..!hahaha..cmne 2??pelik2..
not realy like to shop but i juz love walking around. Am i cute??haa..tht suppose to be me..hooO.Perasann!!
i like to write..anythn, poem,story, or stuff tht i wanted to write laa...Erm..Love mix&match thing..create somthn when i got bored.. love cloths..
I have really2 bad habit! which is when i really want somethn, i will try 2 get matter wat..!!hahaha(gelak setan)
then i menyesal x tentu arah..hurmm..
Lepak2 or hangout mmg best but it all depend wit spe yg sye lepak.. i really love sweet thing like choc,cupcakes!..
love teddy juz look at my room kowg leh sesak dgn tedy sje..hehe..
my favorite flower was tulipss..igt 2!!jgn silap yeww..hahaha..=P
i had a dream to become bakery chef, but i dnt noe how to bake it..!hahaa..!
nothn special bout me life not interesting lansung!
my lifestyle doesn't seem like Paris Hilton
who always got what she want..
Hmm..hate my life but i juz love to be who i am..
Music & Art inspire me alot..!
witout it im such a lost person..listen to my type of song u will noe bout me..

okehh!! calo beteh!!